Super Smart Time Tracking & Payroll

Meet Your Cloud HR Assistant! ProPay makes it easy for businesses to onboard, track, pay and support their employees.

Paperless employee onboarding

New employees fill out their info online, including contact information, bank account details, and NIB numbers.

Run unlimited payrolls

Run payroll as many times as you need. Customize your pay schedule based on your team’s needs.


Generate and download reports for payroll history, paid time off, National Insurance, and more.

Digital pay

Employees receive emails, which you can personalize with your own notes.

How it works

Payroll shouldn’t take long

We designed an intuitive system with all the bells and whistles. In just a few clicks, you’ll process payroll and your team gets paid.


Check Hours & Earnings


Review Paid Time Off

Enter Employee Deductions
Review & Submit Payroll

Employee profile and teams

You can organize employees into departments, review individual employee details, time off requests, file employee documents, keep track of benefits, make notes and much more – all in one place.


A secure employee portal

Each employee has access to their personal portal to easily request time off, review and acknowledge documents and access paystubs. This keeps everyone organized and saves a ton of time.


Compliance, reporting and peace of mind

Our system keeps up with labour laws so that you stay compliant. Also, we don’t just calculate national insurance, we automatically prepare your contribution reports every time you run payroll.

Time Tracking

Introducing a modern and accurate employee in/out tracking system


Smart, accurate and modern charts and reports extracted only from data that matters.

Mobile App

Track your staff’s activity, update your status and observe simplified timesheet. Apps work offline too!

Time Tracker

Regardless of the timezones confusion, ProPay smartly keeps tracking your staff activities.

Members and Teams

Manage your teams effortlessly and make best use of ProPay’s portable company directory.

Slack Integration

Slack integration to keep you informed of your staff’s activity as it happens.

Apple Watch Integration

Want to forget about your phone, you can check In/Out in a nano second using an Apple Watch.

All In/Out

Tomorrow is the weekend? What about checking out the whole team to prepare for the party!

Geofence and Tagging

ProPay can notify you and your staff whenever they enter/exit your office boundary.

Play Video

Time tracking with no need for hardware

Automate the most tedious tasks. Say Goodbye to spreadsheets. Now, managers will be able to track the employees’ attendance easier than ever and generate valuable reports for payroll processing.

Payroll & HR Services 

All features, which include:
  • Employee directory
  • Paperless on-boarding & document management
  • Process payroll online anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited pay runs each month
  • No fees for automated NIB reports
  • Vacation and sick days management
  • Friendly phone support from Certified Public Accountant
  • Free setup. We’ll even migrate your employee and wage data


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